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Since 1977, WJB Packaging has been representing only the finest manufacturers of flexible packaging. We specialize in performance-oriented poly film extrusions and laminations. From plain shrink film to wide web process printed packaging, WJB has the expertise to help you with your packaging requirements.

How we got started

WJB Packaging started with only one customer. Our founders – Bill Walker, Arthur Jollymour, and John Bishop formed a partnership to address needs that weren’t being met in the industry. 

A year later the company name was abbreviated to WJB so we didn’t sound like a bunch of lawyers. WJB was officially incorporated in 1982.

Where we are now

John Bishop is the only original partner left at WJB and is the President of the company. WJB is still a family business operated with the help of our leadership team John’s son Johnnie Bishop (VP of Finance) and Michael Castanon (VP of Business Development).

We now work with over 50 vendors and that number is growing. Our customer service-focused approach executed by our talented staff is what has fueled and sustained our growth.

Where we are going

We are continually expanding into more products. Our goal is to always have an eye on industry trends and provide new solutions as they become available.

WJB strives to be recognized as one of the industry’s best packaging consultation services available.

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