Packaging solutions
for manufacturers

WJB offers flexible poly packaging for agriculture, food and cannabis manufacturers.


WJB partners with extruders of industry leading resin blends.


UV Light Protection

Protect your products from sunlight damage that can cause deterioration or spoiling.

Packaging Barriers

Extend product shelf-life and maintain freshness while preventing oily products from damaging packaging.

Temperature Extremes

Package products that require extreme heat or cold for storage and shipping.


WJB only works with the highest quality printing partners.


Complex Image Replication

Easily replicate your logo or desired image with perfect color matching.

Photo Realistic

Print your packages with photographic-quality images.

Hyper-Tough Print Finishes

Protect your image from sun exposure and moisture.


WJB offers many different custom features depending your needs and industry.



We offer Velcro, tear-notch, lip, and tape, and zipper package enclosures.

Product Windows

Show a preview of your product on the shelf, through the packaging.

Branding Labels

Use branded labels to make custom bags fit any product or budget.

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